Viking is about providing comfort in all conditions that can be found in everyday exploration. This allows you to focus on the most important thing: enjoying your love for nature. Such moments give tremendous energy, inner peace and a better understanding of the modern world.

Today, in the midst of everyday duties, the importance of being close to nature is often neglected – the Viking brand was brought to life to restore nature to the people, and to restore balance between nature and civilization.

Viking products are dedicated to anyone who is looking for a connection with nature and enjoys traversing unobvious paths.

Viking is the exploration of the near and distant surroundings. Viking is everyday contact with nature, it is the joy of movement, it is the pleasure of being in the bosom of nature. It is a lonely expedition along the river, it is a family cross-country march with a map in hand, it is a cycling tour in summer and skiing in winter.

The environment continues to be key consideration for Viking and with this in mind we have developed a range of products made from bamboo fibres. Our Bamboo range is soft to touch and has unique cooling properties and quality standards.

Combined with an attractive cut and functional design, these natural materials are a „must have“ for this season.


creation and conception of Viking brand


Viking's cooperation with the world-famous Gore-Tex® brand


Viking's first ISPO award