GORE-TEX membrane in Viking’s clothes and equipment: protection in every condition

In our company, we know that outdoor lovers appreciate the quality and resilience of their clothes and equipment. That’s why we want you to get to know one of the most important technology which plays a big part in our outdoor products – GORE-TEX membrane. 

Taking it from the top GORE-TEX is divided into two types: GORE-TEX with a promise GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™ and GORE-TEX INFINIUM™. Both technologies provide comfort and protection in various weather conditions – to find out more about them keep reading!


GORE-TEX technology is perfect if you are looking for clothes for unfavorable weather conditions such as: heavy rains or strong winds. Thanks to its high waterproofness, no snow or spots of rain can get into your shoes or under your clothes. Additionally, promise – GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY – provides comfort of dry skin. High breathability wicks the sweat away which resolves the problem of feeling of moisture. Membrane is tested in laboratories and in the field for a constant improvement of material quality. If you are wondering how to recognize whether the product has a GORE-TEX membrane look at the tag, if there is a logo on the black background on the inner and outer side of the product (association – heavy rain or storm clouds) then you be sure of its existence.


GORE-TEX Infinium technology is perfect for mountain trips on dry days. Membrane provides excellent thermal comfort thanks to protection from wind and cold. Breathability of the material wicks the sweat away. Are you planning a mountain trip at the beginning of the spring or in the autumn? Clothes with GORE-TEX Infinium™ is a perfect choice since it has the best parameters for dry and moderate temperatures. If you are wondering how to recognize whether the product has a GORE-TEX Infinium™ membrane look at the tag, if there is a Infinium™ print on the outer side or logo on the white background on the inner side of the product (association – white, fluffy clouds) then you be sure of its existence. 

GORE-TEX membrane is inherent element of many of our products Viking which guarantee reliable protection and comfort during every outdoor trip. No matter if you are alpinist, skier, runner or just a nature lover, GORE-TEX membrane provides you the best combination of values for every weather condition. Choose Viking, choose quality and safety in the mountains.