Sponsoring zone

VIKING is one of the biggest glove and hat manufacturers in Poland. The products of its broad collection are oriented towards the numerous enthusiasts of both snow and summer sports. With our most demanding customers in mind, the VIKING collection presents a wide offer of professional RACE gloves and beanie hats. Their quality, workmanship, and purpose are tested by the VIKING team composed of professional athletes during their everyday workouts (link to tab). We proudly support the best Polish skiers, handicapped athletes, snowboarders, and the representatives of summer and conditioning sports. We are aware that the competitions are only a small part of their everyday effort, which is why we provide them with our best products to achieve ultimate victory through regular work and dedication supported with the best equipment.

LARIX, the owner of the VIKING brand, has a very serious approach to sponsoring. We want to test and prove the top quality of our products and technologies and provide the best equipment to those in need of it. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor everyone interested, which is why we have founded the LARIX RACE PROGRAMME, which provides sports teams and communities with the opportunity to buy dedicated products at favourable prices.

If you are an individual interested in support, please download the form, complete it, and send it to the indicated address. Perhaps you are organising a competition or event and would like to work with us? You too should contact us through the completed form.

We want to thank all amateurs and professional athletes for choosing VIKING products.