GORE-TEX Infinium

GORE-TEX INFINIUM with WINDSTOPPER® Membrane which is undoubtedly one of the best on the market in numerous categories. Ultralight and with microporous structure, it stops the wind while simultaneously transferring steam outside. Windstopper laminates have permeability lower than 11l/m2/s and breathability lower than 50 Ret (Resistance to Evaporative Heat Transfer). Materials with the Windstopper membrane prevent hypothermia by stopping the wind and guaranteeing heat maintenance, while simultaneously preventing overheating by transferring steam outside the material.


- a very soft and light as well as elastic isolation layer. It protects from cool air, wind and water penetration into the inside of the gloves. At the same time, it allows the skin to breathe freely. It is soft, warm and dries faster than down.


Polartec - wide range of branded, technical synthetic fleece fabric with good quality and advanced features. Polartec fabrics' main features are warmth without weight, high breathability, pill resistance, fast drying and durability.


The material consists of microfibres which increase the surface of warmth retaining. Used as a protection layer in gloves and hats, it keeps hands warm and provides comfort as well as isolation from cool air much efficiently than other fibers. It does not absorb water.


Quickly - drying material, highly breathable and moisture resistant with anti – piling qualities. It helps to maintain the optimum body temperature.


It is an extremely light and highly elastic material, an excellent barrier against the lost of warmth through the skin. At the same time does not allow cold air penetrate inside the glove. Practically, it does not absorb any moisture.


Specialist, high quality anti-allergy filling. Contains active ingredient preventing mites, fungi and bacteria from growing. Provides warmth and exceptional softness. Keeps its shape for a long time.


A top quality polypropylene from Schoeller, an Austrian producer. It is a hydrophobic fabric which perfectly transports moisture and sweat away from the skin to meet individual needs of each user. Its unique properties make you feel dry at all times, while the fabric itself is very light and durable.


-the wind - and waterproof membrane with high breathable capacities. DryZone membrane prevents penetration of rain, snow and wind from the outside to the inside of the gloves. At the same time, through microporous, passes perspiration vapor from the hand's skin on the outside. The membrane characterizes a parameter of permeability of water vapour - 9 380g/m2/24h. It can even vent three times more of water vapour than the membranes used by other producers. That is why the skin breathes freely and hands stay dry and warm.


A modern membrane protecting against external atmospheric conditions enabling at the same time free flow of water vapour. It is flexible, mechanically resistant, maintains its high performance parameters, its microscopic holes guaranteeing high vapour permeability are previous evenly across its entire surface.


The material provides great comfort by absorbing the body temperature produced in excess. It also releases it when it is needed the most. It prevents overheating, protects against the cold – it simply adapts to individual thermal needs.


- soft and light as well as durable material. The fibers help to keep a higher temperature by retaining more air. It reduces the production of unpleasant odours and bacteria. It does not shrink and always is in an appropriate shape providing comfort and freedom of movements.


A very light and elastic membrane placed between two layers of fleece. It protects well against cold air, especially against the wind, allowing the skin to breathe freely. It does not pill, is easy to clean, dries quickly, and it is resistant to any damage.


SkinLife - a bacteriostatic fibre that regulates the natural balance of the skin, regardless of the level of physical activity. It prevents the migration of bacteria from the material onto the skin, protecting against allergies and unpleasant odours. Skinlife offers incredible comfort and high levels of breathability, quickly and effectively wicking away moisture and maintaining optimal body temperature. It's the perfect solution for people who expect quality, durability, and functionality in every situation.


Specially developed materials with Supplex® fibre, are flexible, light and soft. They provide durability, are highly breathable and odour, water and wind resistant. The materials with Supplex® fiber dry quickly. Supplex® yarn is made of very delicate fibers and compared with standard nylon is much lighter and softer. The fabrics made from Supplex® yarn are more adaptable and offer higher degree of comfort than conventional fibers. What is more, Supplex ® fabric blocks 97,5% of harmful UV radiation, which is especially important as far as summer hats are concerned. Supplex® is a trademark registered for fibers produced by DuPond. The fabric has a real natural and cotton character because of the special Supplex® production technology. It easily eliminates perspiration from the body and dries quickly. The products made from Supplex® nylon fiber, thanks to use of Lycra, are flexible and adapt easily to the shape of body.


The main task is to guarantee a good ventilation of the body and keep the skin dry. Coolmax fibre provides a much better breathability compared to natural fibres like cotton and moisture transfer from the body surface. This fiber, unlike some thermoactive fabrics, is high resistant to UV rays, does not degrade in the sun and does not emit odor.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool is one of the highest-valued types of sheep's wool in the world. Merino fibres are extremely thin, fragile and soft. They also have unusual properties - their diameter is between 17 and 23 microns. The main advantages of merino wool include exceptional thermal properties, very good hydrophobic capacity, light weight, and high flexibility. By definition, merino wool is a symbol of comfort, functionality and durability, which corresponds to the recently popular eco trend.

Natural Down

The product has high thermal capabilities thanks to insulation from natural down.

Level 1

Universal use underwear. Perfect alone for sport activity in warm conditions, as a first baselayer in cooler weather, or for traveling in comfort. Fabrication eliminates moisture from the body and allow for rapid evaporation from the exterior of the breathable and drie fast. Flat seams & natural odor eliminator keeps you comfortable. Made from durable knitwear. Recommended especially for: trecking, bicycle, nordic walking, outdoor.

Level 2

Group of seamless products. Very flexible, fits perfectly to the body. Contrasting side panels combined with mesh sides and under arm venting, aids exhaust excess body heat and moisture. Used here a special non-allergy fabric, ensures you remain dry, light & cool throughout your workout. Special zones, strategically located as an impact protection, makes every user fell more save. Recommended especially for: skiing, snowboard, outdoor, winter expeditions.

Level 3

Exclusie underwear for the most demading sportsmen. Lightweight in construction with colour matching mesh zones under the arms, allows for fast moisture and heat evacuation at the key hot spots on the body as well as extended freedom of movement. Easy to wash and clean underwear with rapid drying function, makes this an essential travel accessory. Recommended especially for: skiing, snowboarding, outdoor, moutain climibing, winter expeditions.


Thanks to the antibacterial treatment, the product is more hygienic, reduces the growth of bacteria and reduces the possibility of skin infections and irritations.


The product contains elements made from bamboo, characterised by high strength and resistance to breakage and bending.

The product made of bamboo fiber; for its production, bamboo was used as a raw material, which is characterized by thermoregulation, antibacterial properties and protected against UV radiation.

Odor Control

The product consists of active silver particles of bactericidal properties, due to prevent the creation of unpleasant smell and ensures feeling of freshness during using the product.

Insect Repellent

Technology improving functionality of the product by giving clothes and accessories insect-repellent properties.


The product contains an Antishock system, which absorbs vibrations and improves safety when using poles on unstable ground.

Folding Technology

The product utilises a folding system, which ensures the most compact trekking pole size when folded, while maintaining its well stability and strength.


The product made of carbon fibre (polycarbonate), ensuring increased strength, resistance to deformation and, above all, the lightest possible weight.

Touch Phone System

The product allows the use of electronic touch screen devices without removing gloves.

UV Protection

The product made of a fabric that thanks to a special treatment does not transmit the light, which protects perfectly against harmful solar radiation.


Extremely light membrane produced from expandered PTFE (politetrafluroetylen). Its microporous structure both stops the wind and allows the molecules of water vapour to vent easily outside. Windstopper laminates have permeability of less than 111/m, and the breathability lower than 50 Ret. They are classified as materials with high breathable capacities. Providing excellent protection against wind and keeping the body's warm microclimate, they are perfect for sport and leisure activities at any weather conditions.