Viking rebranding

The Outdoor 2017 collection is a breakthrough moment in the history of our brand for two reasons: first, the change of our logo and with it the entire visual identification; second, the launching of a new subdivision of our offer into the Outdoor collection, reflected by the presented catalogue and the renewed winter collection, which we will unveil pretty soon. We have worked really hard to ensure that the new Viking logo reflects the changes that have been taking place in the life cycle of our brand. We have gone for a thorough change of its characteristics, because our collection is changing, and along with it the array of the products on offer. The new logo is dynamic and at the same time pure in form to the greatest possible extent. The aggressive font and the functional pictogram guarantee that it gets associated with sports emotions and rivalry. You don’t have to be a professional sports person to win and push past your own limits. With our products you can reach the top that has so far been beyond your reach, run a distance that gives you a pain in the thighs just to think of it.

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