Return to the roots

One of the key assumptions that guide our everyday work is sustainable development and becoming more and more environmentally friendly with the continuous growth of business. In a word – to be more BIO.

Thanks to the continuous development of the technologies we use to design clothes, it has become even easier. One of such technologies is Primaloft BIO.

Primaloft BIO insulation is a technological breakthrough in the production of high-class insulating layers in the clothing industry. It is the first ever biodegradable, synthetic insulation and 100% recycled material. PrimaLoft Bio fibers, thanks to the appropriate structure, become more appetizing for microorganisms inhabiting landfills and oceans, and thus, they decompose at an accelerated rate.

These microbes allow synthetic fabric and insulation to return to its natural form, i.e. water, CO2, methane, biomass and humus – a common and natural component of potting soil. So it can be said that instead of being dumped, the fabric ends up in … the roots.

Thanks to all these features, Primaloft BIO is a remarkable combination of sustainable development with efficiency that is key to our industry and comfort of use throughout the life cycle of the garment.