Intreeguing concept

Constantly looking for pro-ecological solutions that have a positive impact on our environment, we have introduced a line of bamboo clothing under the name BAMBOO LINE, being one of the very few brands offering such a solution.
Bamboo as a plant it is characterized by very high renewal (in appropriate conditions, it grows about 5 cm per hour), due to its antibacterial properties, pesticides are not used in its cultivation and it is a 100% biodegradable material.

Bamboo as a fiber is a great alternative for a traditional yarns used in production of outdoor textile and base layers. Yarn itself is softer than cotton and has a texture similar to a blend of cashmere and silk. Due to its construction containing micro holes, it has much higher moisture absorption and ventilation than the standard cotton fiber. Bamboo yarn maintains its elasticity and functionality for a long time and also has a natural UV protecting properties.
All those are a very important features when using products made of this material, especially during physical activities.

Same as the plant itself, the product of bamboo fiber is eco-friendly and bio-degradable and very much in line with the trend of being environmentally friendly.


Responsible combination

Striving to deliver continuous innovations in addition to the BAMBOO LINE technology, we also decided to create a product that meets expectations of the most demanding users in the field of environmental responsibility. As a result of this process, a combination of bamboo fibers and merino wool was created under the name BAMBOO LINE Merino Wool.

This material is a combination of the best qualities of bamboo and merino wool fibers.

Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage, confirmed by tests, is the combination of the smoothness of the material with the thermal properties of wool and the sweat wicking properties increased thanks to the use of the greater part of bamboo fibers in the entire material.


Revolutionary Fabric

The Polartec® series of knitted fabrics has set standards in the field of thermal insulation and breathability. This is all thanks to the excellent heat-to-weight ratio, high breathability and durability.

Do you need to refresh your outfit in the washing machine after training? No problem! Polartec® will not only withstand this, but will also dry quickly and be ready for the next use.


Message in the bottle

Hundreds of billions of bottles end up in landfills every year. REPREVE®, a well-known and well-respected brand of recycled-content performance fiber (including plastic bottles), decided to do something about it.

They’re not simply giving outdated materials a second chance. When compared to creating “virgin fiber,” making REPREVE® uses less new petroleum, creates less greenhouse emissions, and saves water and energy. This has a significant impact on the long term game.

Primaloft BIO

Return to the roots

Primaloft BIO is the first ever biodegradable, synthetic insulation and 100% recycled material. PrimaLoft Bio fibers, thanks to the appropriate structure, become more appetizing for microorganisms inhabiting landfills and oceans, and thus, they decompose at an accelerated rate.

These microbes allow synthetic fabric and insulation to return to its natural form, i.e. water, CO2, methane, biomass and humus – a common and natural component of potting soil. So it can be said that instead of being dumped, the fabric ends up… in the roots.


Gold is in the air

100% recycled PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation P.U.R.E. It is produced in an innovative technology that emits 48%* less carbon dioxide compared to the traditional synthetic insulation production process.

This is all because the insulation fibers are bonded and cured by exposure to air, not heat from a furnace.

*calculations based on single-year production of 40-100gsm insulation. Calculations verified by independent third-party, SGS North America, Inc.